Intertidal organisms of bright pinks, fluorescent oranges, and deep purples splashed across the rocks of the California coastline four years ago. These incredible sea stars, once a keystone species of the intertidal environment, have been decimated by a disease that tears apart their bodies and inhibits the most incredible regenerative system we have found in macroscopic organisms. It is ingrained within our DNA, and theirs, to fight against all odds to survive when the world seems to be ripping us apart at the seams. These survival cues are ubiquitous as every organism seeks to grow, survive, and reproduce all to continue the transfer of genetic material that began so long ago. What do all organisms have in common? DNA.

Molecular biology has given us insight into an incredible world of DNA that we are dependent upon. Over billions of years life on this planet has taken massive evolutionary strides from unicellular organisms to multicellular organism to a species that may now venture out into the stars spreading it societal influence and genes into uncharted worlds suspended in space and time. I am but one lowly scientist seeking to understand that mad mad world that we find ourselves in. I hope this forum will give you insight into my world of science and possibly intrigue you to embark upon your own journey of discovery and exploration. Hidden within these pages are my accolades, posters, presentation, writings, and endeavors into the scientific realm. Welcome to the world of the Mad Molecular Man.